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January Challenge - Distance

Welcome to the 1st Challenge of 2024

January is our perennial distance challenge.

How many kilometres can you cover from 1st to 31st of January 2024?

Here are the available points

Ride 150km in Jan 1pt

Ride 500km in Jan 2pts

Ride 750km in Jan 3pts

Ride 1000km in Jan 4pts

1 man and 1 woman with the most kms in January 1 bonus point

A maximum of 5 points can be obtained.

Please join the January 600k challenge on Strava to be included - you'll get the appropriate points if you go over the 600k.

Zwift Rides don’t count. If there are Zwift rides in your total distance for the month please make sure you only submit your total distance for outdoor rides only.

Points to be claimed by midnight on 1st of February 2024.

Bonus points claimed are on an honesty basis and to be input into the google spreadsheet via the website. Navigate to the Waldy Challenge page and half way down you'll find a big pink button, press add bonuses; you will then be taken to the google sheet. Get in touch with your challenge master Luke Phillips if you need help entering your scores or want to query any levels.

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