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May's Maximum Speed Challenge

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Maximum Speed obtained during a 200m segment between Chertsey and Sunbury.

The segment is completed by cycling back on yourself, i.e. towards Sunbury.

One for the heavyweight contenders of the Waldies... Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Directions to get there. This is how to get there, you will be completing the segment on the way back;

Head through Sunbury past Pro Stage Europe on your right (with the big Roman acting mask)

Straight through the next roundabout where it is left to Walton and straight to Chertsey.

Straight through the next mini roundabout where it is left to Walton bridge or straight to Chertsey.

Finally, straight through the 3rd roundabout where it is left to Shepperton straight to Chertsey.

At the top of the rise, there is a left turn on Chertsey Road take care of traffic and use this to turn around to head back on yourself down the road (called Renfree Way) where you came from, back towards the roundabout.

Find the 50 miles an hour sign slam it in your biggest gear and start your wind up.

At the first bike icon in the bike lane GO GO GO! - the start of the 200m segment.

By the next bike icon, you are halfway through the effort and you better be giving it laldy (for everyone apart from Mei-Ling that means with great energy and vigour).

On the next bike icon, you have finished - Well done!

Here is what it looks like in real life.

The segment is here although slightly longer due to Strava restrictions:

Points are as follows


40kph+ = 1point

45kph+ = 2 points

50kph+ = 3 points

55kph+ = 4 points

Faster rider = 5 points


30kph+ = 1point

35kph+ = 2 points

40kph+ = 3 points

45kph+ = 4 points

Faster rider = 5 points

A maximum of 5 points can be obtained.

After you ride let me know and this is how you figure out your speed:

Some of this month’s Rides will go via this route so you can attempt the challenge and for that reason, you can do it in the draft of another rider.

Your last ride needs to be uploaded within three days of the end of the month.

Bonus points claimed are on an honesty basis and input into the google spreadsheet via the website. Navigate to the and in the middle right of the page, press add bonuses; you will then be taken to the google sheet.

Get in touch with your challenge master David Denholm if you need help entering your scores or want to query any levels.


Director - Matt Fantastic

Casting - Matt Fantastic

Producer - Matt Fantastic

Editor - Matt Fantastic

Music - Channel 4

And introducing - The Challenge Master

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