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Meet The Riders: Claire

How did you get into cycling?

I've always cycled, even from quite a young age. I used to do after school rides with my best friend whose uncle was a super keen cyclist. He helped us build and maintain our bikes. I became more focused on cycling after picking up a labrum tear from running in my early 30s. That’s the point I got a ‘proper’ road bike and cleats!

Where's your favourite place to cycle?

Mallorca. Amazing views. Lots of good climbs, courteous drivers, plenty of cyclist cafes to stop at and no potholes! More locally, I like the rides out to Windsor. Once you’re past Staines, the roads improve a lot and drivers seem to get more courteous.

Have you got any cycling goals this year?

None specifically as I still have a couple of running challenges. But I definitely want to get one or two of the big six under my belt before I turn 50. The Mallorca 312 or Maratona, for example. What's your go-to ride with the Waldy Wheelers?

Windsor and the Velolife cafe. Great coffee, cakes and toasties!

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the Waldy Wheelers?

For me the Waldy Wheelers has given cycling in the UK a new lease of life. I got to the point where I only did sportives, Richmond Park and then cycled aboard. Most of my training was done on an indoor bike. The club is soooooo inclusive, loads of fun, lots of attention to safety whilst keeping it interesting with great challenges, group rides, bike know-how sessions and socials. Just a fantastic bunch of people and the annual tour is literally a highlight of my year. To someone considering joining, I'd say do it! You will have no regrets.

Finally, what do you do when you're not cycling?

I’m running or on the peloton! (Outside of work and kids that is 😉)

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