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Meet the Riders: Sophie

How did you get into cycling ?

I used to cycle with my Dad in the Cotswolds. I think I gave him the best Christmases as it meant he could buy me all the cycling gadgets and bike upgrades ! I started to take it more seriously when I planned a London to Paris trip for my work in 2019. As the trip organiser, I couldn’t keep everyone waiting!

What’s your favourite place to cycle ?

As a Gloucestershire girl, obviously my first answer is the Cotswolds. After some brutal climbs you’re on top of the world and can see for miles, often with the roads completely to yourself. I’ve also really enjoyed cycling around the southern parts of Kent where the drivers are very accommodating, plus you get to fly past all the beautiful kiln houses.

Have you got any cycling goals this year ?

My main goal is about maintenance, rather than speed. Post lockdown I’m struggling to manage long distances along with a busy social life. I dread the cold, so heading into the winter months, my goal is to get out three times a week and keep my fitness ticking over.

What’s your go to ride with the Waldy Wheelers ?

I really enjoy the 40 mile ride to Shere. I’d love to say it’s all about the route, but the honest answer is that the Dabbling Duck has the best Rocky Road I’ve ever tasted – a daring concoction of Crunchie, Crème Egg and Wispas thrown in for good measure. There’s also a good climb before you reach the village so you at least feel like you’ve earned it.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the Waldy Wheelers ?

Just sign up and go for it! I joined the Waldys when I was new to the area and it has been the best way to meet people. Everyone is so welcoming and there’s a real ‘feel-good’ atmosphere as everyone huddles round with their coffee mid ride. I often think how lucky I am that there are like-minded people who enjoy cycling at 8am on a Sunday – my hangover days are long gone!

What do you do when you’re not cycling ?

When I’m not cycling, I’m kayaking on the river and picnicking with friends, exploring new areas with a hike or city trip, or heading into central London for museums and galleries.

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