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A Trans-Transylvanian Adventure 🧛‍♂️

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Guest post by new(ish) member, Andrew D.

I have just returned from an epic week’s cycle touring in Romania with four mates. Our seven day trip incuded six days riding, each covering between 70-115k & 800m-1,500m of climbing.

We flew direct to Cluj from Luton, three of us took gravel bikes, and two hired (good enough) bikes. We spent the first four days in area of Sibiu/Carpathians, and the last two in the Apuseni Mountains, with one day rest and transition.

Our trip was superbly customised, organised and supported by Transylvania Cycling . It is a small outfit, consisting of Radu, Mihai and Adrian (driver and photographer) but they made us feel very safe, one always rode with us, no task was too much trouble, and they clearly have great local networks.

The trip had a great balance between cycling & culture with special highlights beging exquisite Saxon villages & beautiful Hungarian churches. Our accommodation comprised of two nights in city hotels we organised ourselves, plus six nights in excellent village guest houses. The interesting and very local food was all excellent, and accompanied with readily available alcohol !

The terrain was amazing, a revelation (the only disappointment of the trip was that we climbed the Transfagarasan without views on a drizzly low visibility day 😯) The roads were empty, and generally with a very high quality surface. We deliberately did about 30km off road - hence gravel bike decision, and TC picked great routes.

The nearest we got to Dracula was the birth place of Vlad the Impaler. I’m going to again (with Transylvania Cycling) and explore more of the country..!

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