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February’s Challenge - Bag The Cols

The points are;

  • Bag any 3 cols = 1 point

  • Any 6 cols = 2 points

  • Any 9 cols = 3 points

  • All 12 cols = 4 points

Most vertical metres climbed bonus point - one for men one for women. Please join the February Climbing challenge on Strava to make counting easier. Only rides outdoors count (see Zwift challenge for indoor vertical metre challenge).

A maximum of 5 points can be obtained.

Introducing the Cols:

(What, no Crocknorth ?)

All rides need to be uploaded within 48 hours.

Bonus points claimed are on an honesty basis and input into the google spreadsheet via the website. Navigate to the Waldy Challenge page and in the middle right of the page, press "Add Bonuses" and you will then be taken to the Google sheet.

Get in touch with your Challenge Master David if you need help entering your scores or want to query any levels.

p.s. For anybody wondering what bagging a col means - it means riding up a hill 😜 p.p.s. You can of course, ride up and down the same hill many times. I actively encourage the activity. However, it will not count for more points. Each col has to be individually bagged for points.

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