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Meet The Riders: Alex

How did you get into cycling ?

I went to school in the country and cycling was one for the main ways for friends to meet as there was very limited public transport and we were too independent to ask parents for lifts all the time! When I moved to greater London I used to commute to work most days, and also went on a number of cycle holidays, the first was to France with a couple of friends when we were 19, we were completely unprepared and struggled to cycle more the 15 miles a day but it was fun! However, it wasn’t until a friend persuaded me to do a charity ride from Lands End to Twickenham in 2011 that I started to cycle more regularly and for leisure.

What’s your favourite place to cycle ?

I love cycling in new places and probably unusual for a cyclist as I don’t really care where I’m going ! I’m happy to explore, so I don’t have a favourite place, but anywhere that is warm, has beautiful views and a good coffee shop is my preference !

Have you got any cycling goals this year ?

I don’t have any goals other than to get out regularly and enjoy myself. Cycling is definitely more

enjoyable when you are fitter so I will try and maintain my fitness during the colder months and

maybe try some hills… without complaining!

What’s your go to ride with the Waldy Wheelers ?

Every Waldy ride's a go to ride! If the weather is good, I really enjoy the longer, medium paced rides that get you out into the country, of course they must also include a coffee stop.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the Waldy Wheelers ?

Join ! It was the best decision I made, but it took a Waldy friend about three years to persuade me, I wish I had joined when he first suggested it. If you are thinking about it don’t just do it. It is a great club with great people, suitable for all levels of cycling and we also have fun !

What do you do when you’re not cycling ?

I have been lucky to have travelled extensively and have family and friends all around the world

whom I enjoy visiting. This sparked an interest in history and I have dragged my family around many castles and ruins, they’re usually OK with this if cake is involved! I also enjoy hiking especially long distance walks over a few days, painting, going to museums, reading, and meeting friends.

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