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Meet the Riders: Paul G

How did you get into cycling ?

I got into cycling after breaking my kneecap and snapping my ACL playing football, the doctor gave me two options, cycling or swimming and I don't like getting wet.

What’s your favourite place to cycle ?

Favourite ride has to be the Lake District, the views are immense and it's just a different world to cycle in.

What’s your go-to ride with the Waldy Wheelers ?

My favourite Waldy ride is the Windsor Bun Run, fast, flat and cake is the perfect recipe in my book!

Have you got any cycling goals this year ?

My goal this year was to just get back on the bike, I had a two year break where I just had no interest in it, so to go from that to my first crit race in Hillingdon was a pretty steep trajectory!

As a few people can attest to, I swore I wouldn't end up in the race team. I used to ride for Alpecin (not the world tour team but the Pro Am) and I thought that ship had sailed but after meeting a few of the team, and Stuart giving me the gentle nudge, I somehow found myself in a 4 man TT at Thruxton. Everyone in the team is so welcoming and supportive, from suggesting events to training and just encouragement! It can probably look a bit serious from the outside but the RT caters to all levels and there are races/TTs to suit all abilities.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the Waldy Wheelers ?

I'd tried a couple of clubs and just didn't find the right fit, until one day in January, Box Hill turned pink. The link in the bio doesn't lie, we are the friendliest club! There are rides for any mood you're in and 50 miles with Neermal is the perfect start to a Sunday.

What do you do when you’re not cycling ?

When I'm not cycling, I'm either watching NFL (go Seahawks) or helping my partner with her racing, she races in motorsport and the cars take a lot of maintenance so I'm normally in the garage with a set of spanners.

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