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Meet The Riders: Miles

How did you get into cycling?

It started when we moved into London.  I left a full-on, full-time job at the same time and realised I was far from being physically fit  but had new found time on my hands and was persuaded to join a gym, buy a bike and get fitter.  I had a fairly basic Whyte bike and cycled around London to places like Greenwich, Camden Town and then towards the Royal Parks. We later moved to Teddington. Like many of us at the end of lockdown I wanted to get back outdoors and bought a gravel bike.  Then when I started more regular training I decided to join a club.  I kept hearing about Waldy Wheelers and realised I would need a road bike.  After a short try-out in Richmond Park I joined in September 2022.   

What is your favourite place to cycle?

Close to home, I enjoy riding to Windsor.  With Richmond Park almost on the doorstep it is  ideal for both short and longer rides.  I went to Mallorca in September on my own before I knew that the island is the destination for the 2024 tour and really enjoyed my time there.


Have you got any cycling goals this year?

In 2023 I rode an e-bike on my first Waldy tour.  It made the climbing much easier but I felt that I had somewhat sold myself short as I cruised past people pedalling hard up the big climbs.  This year’s goal is to do the tour on my own bike so improving my fitness and climbing ability has to be my 2024 goal.

What’s your go to ride with the Waldy Wheelers?

The ride out to VeloLife near Marlow was the first long route I did back in 2022 and is a particular favourite. 


What would you say to someone thinking of joining the Waldy Wheelers?

What’s to lose?  Sign-up for a trial ride on a Sunday and then decide either way.  Waldy Wheelers is run by serious and dedicated cyclists. The club has grown in what is a crowded field in south west London. New members always receive a warm welcome and the pink and black WW kit really stands out on the roads and frequently attracts positive comments.

What do you do when you’re not cycling?

Re-connecting with friends and family  since the Lockdown lock-up, travelling again and trying to finish two books which I started in Lockdown and which I really, really need to get done. Having just turned 70, long distance air travel has lost much of its allure but we have managed the Czech Republic, Catalonia, Bordeaux, Puglia and five outdoor concerts  in the last year. Last but most importantly supporting and helping with the weddings of both our daughters in 2023.

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