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Meet The Riders: Dan

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

How did you get into cycling ?

I was always one of the sporty kids at school and used to watch the Tour de France on Channel 4 in the summer, I got a bike for Xmas at a time when home life was a bit challenging and cycling was a way of escaping it all.

What’s your favourite place to cycle ?

Anywhere on the Côte d'Azur, in springtime. Sadly my favourite coffee stop is no longer there but the beauty of the place still is.

I raced as an amateur with the Velo Club St Raphael which at the time was one of the top clubs in the country with riders that had ridden The Milk Race and many other international events, including star trophy winner Ben Luckwell amongst the squad (showing my age).

In July 1991 I became a British Cycling Federation division champion and from then went on to represent Great Britain alongside Jeremy Hunt and Roger Hammond who both signed for World Tour pro teams. I went on to race in Belgium and France but by the end of 1993 I realised a Tour de France win and life in the top flight peloton wasn’t going to happen, I simply wasn’t good enough, so packed away the lycra and hung up my wheels.

Have you got any cycling goals this year ?

It’s been 30 years now since I last rode a bike so at the moment my main goal is to get to the top of a climb alongside Fred, Stuart and Tom D without feeling the need for oxygen (there’s been a few bottles of Malbec and a couple of packets of Marlboro Lights since I hung the wheels up).

What’s your go to ride with the Waldy Wheelers ?

One of my favourite rides with the Waldys is the Staple Lane, Crocknorth, Box Hill ride; a great one to get the heart rate pumping.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining the Waldy Wheelers ?

Anyone thinking of joining I would say any sports club can be quite a daunting experience with people at different levels. Everyone in the club is there to help each other; no egos, just a bunch of people with a passion for riding bikes.

What do you do when you’re not cycling ?

When I’m not cycling I’m busy running our family run hair and beauty business with my wife in Twickenham, spending time with my kids and my other passions - Guinness and rugby. Come on you 'Quins !

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