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Club Rides Risk Assessment

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

No one wants to have an accident and as a club we must document our assessment of hazards and the actions we take to reduce the risk associated with them. We are therefore please to share a General Risk Assessment for our club’s rides.

This is accessible to all riders and guests on our Rides page, so please take a look.

The Assessment highlights potential dangers relating to participation in club rides but is subject to a Dynamic Assessment on the day depending on such factors as the abilities and numbers of the riders participating, the prevailing weather conditions and any known issues or changes to the planned routes and destinations.

These will be announced at the pre-ride briefing before the rides depart. There may be additional instructions and advice given by the Ride Leader(s) and other riders during the ride itself. Communication of information between all riders is to be encouraged to ensure a safe and successful ride.

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