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Update - February Kent Cols Challenge

Are you a Waldy that lives in Kent? Or have you ever wanted to live in Kent? If so, you can have your very own Kent Cols Challenge too!

A256 Climb - 2.85kms 3.8% average gradient 110m ascent

Castle Hill Road - 1.04kms 9% average gradient 93m ascent

Height Terrace - 1.27kms 8.1% average gradient 103m ascent

Oldstairs Climb - 0.49kms 5.3% average gradient 26m ascent

Just the Bumpy Bit - 1.16kms 5.5% average gradient 64m ascent

Dover Hill Climb - 1.22kms 7.9% average gradient 97m ascent

Connaught Road - 1.57kms 6.6% average gradient 104m ascent

Coombe Road Climb - 1.2kms 9.1% average gradient 110m ascent

Woodlands Road - 3.47kms 7.1% average gradient 246m ascent

Bishopsbourne Drag - 2.91kms 2.8% average gradient 124m ascent

Old Charlton Road - 1.36kms 7.2% average gradient 101m ascent The Other Granville Road - 0.65kms 6.9% average gradient 64m ascent

Same points, same prizes.

The small print 1. No, Tom, you cannot have double points if you do both. 2. You must pick one or other of the challenges. 3. All other rules are the same. *Special thanks to Tim Stephen for providing the cols, which are harder (allegedly) than the Surrey ones.

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