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Update February Zwift Cols Challenge

Are you a Waldy that is like Kieren? Or have you ever wanted to be like Kieren? If so, you can have your very own Zwift Cols Challenge too!

Fox Hill KOM - 2.41kms 4.3% average gradient 120m ascent

NYC KOM Reverse - 1.14kms 5.9% average gradient 68m ascent

Libby Hill KOM - 0.63kms 6.2% average gradient 39m ascent

Keith Hill KOM - 4.21kms 5.2% average gradient 221m ascent

Leith Hill KOM - 1.95kms 6.9% average gradient 134m ascent

Yorkshire KOM Reverse - 1.16kms 4.1% average gradient 48m ascent

Castle Road - 2.67kms 2.1% average gradient 56m ascent

Temple KOM from fishing village side - 2.5kms 3.6% average gradient 94m ascent

Innsbruck KOM - 7.43kms 5.4% average gradient 400m ascent

Petite KOM - 2.67kms 3.9% average gradient 105m ascent

Titan Grove KOM - 2.61kms 2.2% average gradient 57m ascent

Volcano KOM - 3.75kms 3.2% average gradient 120m ascent

Same points same prizes.

The small print 1. If you are not on Zwift i.e. peloton etc, then you can win points on the old system 1 pt 670m, 2pts 3967m, 3pts 5895m, 4pts 8849m. 2. No, I did not mean Kevin - I meant Kieren.

Bonus point for most indoor vertical metres climbed. Points count towards the Zwift table only.

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