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Waldy 2024 Challenge Preview

Welcome to the Waldy Challenge 2024.

Firstly I’d like to recognise that I have big shoes to fill, Dave D has done a great job over the last few years - I’m sure you’ll all join me in thanking him for the time and effort he’s put in.

I’d also like to assure that I’m a great believer in if it ain't broke don’t fix it - so expect quiet evaluation rather than revolution. Please do provide feedback where you’d like to see that evolution via WhatsApp

The 2024 challenge features some old favorites, some popular events from last year and a couple of topical ones. And as last year points mean prizes - a bidon when you get to 10 and a cap at 20.

As usual points will be awarded for each month's challenge on a scale of 1-4 with predetermined levels set by the Challenge Master and Coach Tom

There are also monthly bonus points awarded for the fastest, fittest, strongest, highest - etc depending on the challenge.

There will be 11 2024 challenges:

January - Distance - How many K’s can you do when it's grim down South?

February - Frequency - Who can shake off the winter blues on the most days?

March - Hit those Hills - See which local hills really are alive with the sound of music. 

April - Longest ride - Can you ride as far as the founding members did?

May - Climbing - Can the stay at homes climb more meters than the tourists?

June - Time trial - Take part in the Official Waldy TT or go it alone!

July - Sprint - Channel your inner Manx Missile!

August - Olympics - How many different Olympic race distances can you ride in a month?

September - Consistency - Do you have the commitment to ride every day for a week?

October - Hill Climb - Test yourself against the grade!  

November - Allrounder - It’s a last gasp opportunity to go big and overhaul your rivals.

PLUS we have ongoing Waldy Challenge bonus points. These can be claimed anytime from January 1st to November 30th, 2024 for any ride outdoors and awarded for things such as doing your first sportive or riding 200kms in a single ride. These are claimed on an honour basis by adding them here.

As we’re always looking to diversify our membership we'll be awarding 2 additional bonus points if you recommend a female or under 25 friend who goes on to join.

To qualify rides must be uploaded to Strava and you’ll need to be a member of the Waldy Wheelers Strava club with your activities visible to any club member who requests to follow you.

Please ensure you have submitted your monthly points to the Challenge Master by midnight on the 1st of the following month.

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