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Waldy Stuart Storey Hill Climb Challenge

The British Hill Climb Season.

When it comes to cycling, there is nothing more British than our beloved Hill Climb Season. It is as quintessentially British as tea or rain.

If you don’t know - You are timed on up an uphill segment, with each competitor leaving one minute apart. Controversially, at the Waldies, we do it continental style and allow drafting in our event, which means you can set your time at any time of the month with or without your Waldy mates. (Other mates are allowed).

This year, Stu is no longer a shoo-in injuring himself in America’s most dangerous sport of pickleball, so the competition is wide open.

This year, we are using none other than the classic Box Hill.

Here are the available points.


8 minutes or less 4

8 minutes 30 seconds or less 3

9 minutes or less 2

10 minutes 30 seconds or less 1

Fastest female bonus 1


Here are the available points

7 minutes or less 4

7 minutes 30 seconds or less 3

8 minutes or less 2

9 minutes or less 1

*Stuart Storey” fastest male bonus 1

Your last ride needs to be uploaded within two days of the end of the month.

Bonus points claimed are on an honesty basis and input into the Google spreadsheet via the website. Navigate to the and in the middle right of the page, press add bonuses; you will then be taken to the Google sheet.

Get in touch with your challenge master David Denholm, if you need help entering your scores or want to query any levels.

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