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Waldy Tour De France Prologue Challenge

In a month’s time we will all be watching the Tour De France and more to the point taking part in the Waldy Tour De France challenge.

However, this year in France there will be no prologue. Boooooo! Traditionally the prologue is a TT under 8km. So this month we move the traditional Waldy TT to a prologue format starting in Cobham and ending by The Bear in Oxshott.

The course is here;

The start is on the A245 out of the back of Cobham High Street just after the junction of Leigh Hill Road which we often use to come home from the Surrey Hills. We head down the A245 taking a left just after Squires still on the A245. Sharp left turning back onto yourself at Oaklawn Road BEWARE this corner has some bad potholes as you come round. Head up here to Oxshott next hazard is a straight through roundabout everyone is heading out the same exit and you can take a wide berth around the outside, although to be clear you should be giving way to traffic coming from the right of course!

Points are based on your time.

Here are the available points;


18 minutes or less 1

15 minutes or less 2

14 minutes or less 3

13 minutes or less 4

fastest time 1


21 minutes or less 1

18 minutes or less 2

17 minutes or less 3

16 minutes or less 4

fastest time 1

A maximum of 5 points can be obtained.

No TT Bike points this year, it's a short sharp lumpy one. Come as you please. No Drafting.


If you achieve a PB on the Waldy Prologue in 2023 1 pt!

PBs can be set all the way up to November 30th.

If you have never set a time on the course you have to set a time first before you can beat it.

Other bonus points are up for grabs for other cycling activities be sure to check them out and let me know.

Bonus points claimed are on an honesty basis and input into the google spreadsheet via the website. Navigate to the Waldy Challenge page and in the middle right of the page, press add bonuses; you will then be taken to the google sheet.

Get in touch with your challenge master David Denholm if you need help entering your scores or want to query any levels.

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